Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Always inspiring!

I have been a fan of Ira Glass for while now, if you have not discovered  "This American Life" please stop everything and go and download as many episodes as you can find. So it's great to see this video showcasing probably one of the most popular quotes from him see here and here. So enjoy another interpretation of Ira's words.


Egypt said...

thank you

Anne said...

I heard this a while ago and thought it was so true and was glad someone put it into words. Glad I came across it again here, in video, when my daughter is applying to an art program and having doubts of her abilities. We are a family of artists and we know and go through what Ira says here. It's certainly very encouraging to here it, especially from Ira.

Thanks for posting this at just the right time for me to pass it on to her.

CT said...

I am a big fan of Ira, since discovering This American Life, and I agree it is always nice to hear this.
Thanks for engaging and checking out the Blog!