Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wes Anderson, Creating A Singular 'Kingdom'

"I remember the emotion of feeling like I was falling in love at that age, and how powerful it was and sudden and inexplicable," he says. "And nothing happened in my case, but I think it's a fantasy I would have had at that age — would have envisioned. ... These two characters are hit by a thunderbolt and determined to act on it."


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Random Shit

I have accumulated tons of images from the web, Like everybody else I guess. and my tumblr i all about my original shit, so I guess I will start to share some of the awesome stuff I have gather form the web. Let me apologize ahead that i dont have credits to any of the images I have gather, because they did not have any, I do put my work out there with out water mark and basically leave it out there with out credit, to be part of all the amazing artist out there.
cheers and enjoy.

If by any chance you see your images in this blog please say so i would loved to feature you in it!