Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guilty Pleasure - Sundays

Who are we, how is our DNA wired for us to become or be who we are at this moment in time. You hear the word transparency when people talk about government, but you never really hear it when we talk about people you meet or even ourselves, and to promote transparency of humanity, I am starting this on and off sunday post. For a weird reason sunday feels right for it too, maybe because is a day generally related with rest, relaxation and cleansing before the week starts.

So to put myself out there, here is a guilty pleasure or a truth that in some circumstances we / I might considered avoiding to mention. I like "Foolish Games" from Jewel - I dont know exactly why, maybe because they played the hell out of it on the Puerto Rico radio, or just because I identify with it in a much more deeper level that I dont comprehend. Why start with this, because while driving, it came up on the radio and I sang it, and know it pretty well, probably will sing it at a karaoke some day.

Cheers and happy Sunday.

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