Friday, April 17, 2009

my cheap scanner

So I sold a print from the website, and I had to find the negative to get it printed. So I dove into boxes full of contact sheets and what not, and stumble with a few forgotten pictures. One set of negatives did not have a contact sheet so I decided to scan some images to see how they look.
The scanner is crappy but the image was of my liking.
I am calling this one "Shadow of Love" or better yet "Shadow of love-making"
Shot on T-MAX 400 on a Canon AE1 a few years back.


yo said...

como fue???
esta la tiraste tu es un montaje?
la vendiste?
either way...
esta hermosa.
me encanta.

CT said...

La encontre mientras buscaba la que vendi!
Y la tire así y hice el scan del negativo.
A mi me gusta mucho tambien..