Tuesday, December 23, 2008

back from NICARAGUA

just starting out...
on our way to one of many adventures
donkey dragging is a sport
joey gives a thumps up to NICARAGUA
I got the privilege to travel to Nicaragua, to help with the producing / filming of a 1st hand episode. The trip consisted of traveling to Nica with a few pro skateboarders and document the origins of Chico Brenes a professional skateboarder that made it to the US when he was 10, and became one of the most well know skateboarders of the industry. The magic, color, and uncertainty of this amazing land were the backdrop of this marvelous adventure, and the company of people like Colin Kennedy, Rob G, Danny Montoya, Joey Bresinsky, up and comer Luis Tolentino and of course Chico Brenes made this trip an unforgettable one. Enjoy some of my phone pictures while I developed the others.

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